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Our Services

Lawn Services - Mowing, Maintenance and More for your Home or Business

Lawn Mowing/Maintenance Services

  • Weekly mowing: performed once a week, typically on the same scheduled day each week (weather permitting).
  • Bi-weekly mowing: performed once every two weeks.
  • Mowing every 10 days
  • One time mowing: we offer this service for people who typically mow their own lawn, but require assistance when their lawn equipment is out of order, or for any other reason.
  • Vacation services: if you are going on vacation, we can mow your lawn, weed your flowerbeds, water your flowers, and perform any other maintenance you'd like taken care of while you are away.
  • Lawn fertilizer treatments: we will apply the neccessary lawn fertilizer/weed control treatments to your lawn throughout the season.
  • Lawn aerating and overseeding: this service is for lawns that have experienced stress during the season. The primary purpose is to bring back the lushness and thickness of your lawn, and it is typically performed in the Spring and early Fall.
  • Bare spot seeding: this service is performed on areas in the lawn where there is no grass growth, areas that have been damaged, etc.
  • Mechanical edging of curves and sidewalks is now available; please contact us for further details.

All lawn mowing services include trimming and cleanup upon completion of each and every cut.


Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Service Plans

  • Complete Property Maintenance: Service plan includes Spring and Fall cleanups, lawn fertilizer treatments, edging and mulching of flowerbeds, trimming of shrubs, lawn service.
  • Lawn Service Only: Service plan only includes lawn service.
  • Edging and Mulching: Service plan includes edging and mulching of flowerbeds, trees.
  • Spring and Fall Cleanups: Service plan includes cleanup of leaves, sticks, and debris in accordance with the season.
  • Lawn Fertilizer Treatments: Service plan only includes lawn treatments throughout the season.
  • Pruning/Trimming: Service plan only includes trimming of shrubs and pruning of trees.

Any of our Maintenance Service Plans can be combined, or requested individually.