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Our Services

Flowers & Trees - Planting, Edging, Mulching, Pruning, and Trimming


Edging and Mulching of Flowerbeds and Trees

  • Edge and mulch flowerbeds and trees to enhance appearance, and control weeds.
  • All mulch jobs include edging and weed preventer application prior to mulch installation.

Flowerbed Weeding Service is also available throughout the season.


Annuals, Flowers, Perennials, Shrubs & Tree Installation

  • Planting of shrubs and trees.
  • Removal or replacement of shrubs and trees.
  • Annual and perennial flower installation.
  • Herb and vegetable garden installation.
  • Vegetable garden tilling

Pruning & Trimming Services

  • Trim new growth on existing shrubs, low hanging or broken branches on trees.
  • Tree trimming (up to 25 feet in height).
  • Dead tree limbs trimming (up to 25 feet in height).
  • Winter pruning of shrubs and trees (up to 25 feet in height).